Supermummy Graduate

Some mothers may find at a certain point during their term in motherhood that they need a change. They’ve carried their children, given birth to them, raised them, and looked after them from birth to adulthood. Now their children may be adults themselves and are starting to live and form their own lives and may not need their mothers as much anymore. Some mothers may find this stage of life or motherhood scary and rightly so, however for those of you who are mothers, you should view this as an exciting time—you have your life as a woman and an individual back and you can enjoy being with a group like the mothers group Sydney Inner West and you can do anything you want. 

Some mothers at this stage of motherhood may choose to make new friends who are parents in the same stage of life. Some other mothers may choose to make new friends. Some other mothers may channel their energy in a new hobby/hobbies such as learning a new musical instrument or joining an art club. Some other mothers may choose to further their education and work skills.
For those of you supermummies who choose to further their education and work skills, you have a lot of options. These options include going to university and getting a Bachelor’s degree or going down the non-university road and getting a Statement of Attainment and certificates and other qualifications at community colleges, TAFEs and through online institutions. Other non-university options can include completing online short courses and trade qualifications for those who want to learn a trade. Non-university options may work better for mothers as they are more flexible with class times, where and how classes are completed (some classes may be purely online, which may be more convenient) and may also be cheaper than university. 
For those of you supermummies who are unsure of what courses are right for you or what skills you need or can be trained in, that’s where a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment comes in. RPL assessments are an assessment on an individual to determine what skills they need or where gaps are present in your past education or workplace training. It is also a recognition of your past educational experiences such as university degrees, certificates as well as recognition of learning from work and life experience. 
There is a big world out there for everyone, supermummies included, there are plenty of education options out there for you even if you haven’t been in a classroom or education setting for a while. Explore, learn and enhance new skills and have fun in the new stage of your life.
For those of you supermummies whose children may be old enough to look after themselves but aren’t completely independent or aren’t adults yet, non-university education options would be ideal for you. However if you prefer university education but aren’t sure about its flexibility, online or open university options may be ideal for you.