Marriages – Are They Fake?

Looking at the divorce rates nowadays, you can find that after all marriages are just an adult game they play for few years. Many people are either forced into marriage or marry the wrong person. People nowadays are always goal oriented and they do not look into the issue of marriage. They marry people of convenience rather than with the thought of living the person forever. You can find that people marry with the excuse of love at first sight. But, love at first is just attraction not love or commitment. Love and commitment comes from the fact that you completely know the person not just because you marry the person.

It should be understood that going to life coaching classes will help you grow your marriage or whatever you are lacking like self confidence. But it is up to you to bring the change in your life and live it.

There are several reasons for a marriage to break and you can save your marriage by avoiding these. You can try to avoid but you should not act.

There are few points to look into if you are facing trouble in marriage. We all act everyday in our life. The sad thing is that we keep acting that at one point we lose ourselves in the act and become the character we are portraying. Psychologist term this character as exhibition of demand characteristics and influence of social roles.

People when they are mom to someone, they will exhibit the qualifications of a mother. Similarly; when they are a boss to an organisation, they will act accordingly. You may think you are doing it right, until someone else points out that it is wrong. Other problem you will face in life is people will never admit their mistakes. When you point the mistake of your partner they will readily talk their point of view about it and make sure that you understand that what they are doing is the right thing. It will be hard to live with a self obsessed person who would not think about or care to think about your point of view. But be patient with them and change them. If Rapunzel was not patient and waited in the tower, her prince charming would have never seen her. Here are few point to look into for a good marriage.

1) Do not act like things are good

2) Do not change yourself for someone

3) Try to be more open minded

4) Speak it out rather than keeping it inside

5) Respect each other

6) Love each other

7) Avoid fidelity

8) Try to be in touch with yourself

9) Stress can be a devil

10) Understanding your partner